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Solar System

Feb. 20 total lunar eclipse.

After totality.

First decent Saturn of 2008

Comet 17P/Holms. Mag 11 to 2.5 in a few hours.
Full moon also!

Another view a few nights later.
It's bigger.

Wider angle view of Holmes with
the Orion 80ED.

One of the best Jupiter shots from 2006.
Almost to low this time.

C/2006 M4 ( SWAN )
Low after sunset
Comet SWAN - Halloween night movie




Jupiter with Io


Saturn and moons

Comet Tempel 1 (Before Deep Impact)

Mars Oct. 22

Mars Nov. 13 (With map showing landing sites)

Moon - shortly after 3/29 Eclipse

Comet 73P/Schwassmann Wachmann 3 movie