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NGC 6946 with 12"

M81 galaxy with the new 350D

M101 with 12" at f/6.3

NGC 7331 Group 9/1/2006

M33 from Table Mountain 2006.

M31 Andromeda

M51 Whirlpool

M51 Wide Angle

M101 Wide Angle

NGC 891

M33 Pinwheel

Supernova SN 2005CS

NGC7331 "Deer Lick" Galaxy group

M81 Galaxy in Ursa Major

M66 Galaxy in Leo

M63 Sunflower Galaxy

Supernova! M100 with SN2006x

Leo Triplet Galaxy Group

Telescope image comparison - M66

First M51 of 2006

M63 with improved autoguiding

M64 Black Eye Galaxy

M106 Galaxy

M109 in Ursa Major/div>

A close view of M81

Wide view of M81 and M82.