Eastside Astronomical Society Membership Form


Click here for a printable version. Please send to the address below.


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Address: _______________________________________

City: _________________________________________

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Telephone(s): _____________________________________

E-mail Address: ___________________________________

Names of Family Members:

Please mail your application, along with your
annual membership dues of $12 per household to:

Eastside Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 7482
Bellevue, WA 98008-7482



* The Eastside Astronomical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the understanding and appreciation of astronomy within our community. Your membership and any contributions in excess of dues may be applied as tax deductible to a nonprofit corporation.

* Members receive a monthly newsletter authored by Judy Mason, Society Secretary and one the eastside's very best literary talents.

* Monthly meetings are held (except July, August and holidays) on the last Monday or Tuesday of the month. Presentations on topics in astronomy are made, refreshments are served, and there is a "book drawing" for all members present. Click here for Directions. Everyone is welcome !

* Stargazing Parties are held about every other month, or for particular astronomical events - weather permitting. Current location: Lake Hills Greenbelt Park (Phantom Lake site) in Bellevue.

Please join us and share your astronomical enthusiasm !
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