Click here to learn more about Project ASTROFrom Dec 2001 - June 2003, the Eastside Astronomical Society participated in Project ASTRO, a community outreach program which introduces students to some exciting events in astronomy and space exploration, and to help inspire their further interest in science.

Now in it's 11th year, Project ASTRO (also known as Project ASTRO/BIO) is a National Science Foundation-funded program developed by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and administered locally by the University of Washington, Dept. of Astronomy, with the goal of linking amateur and professional astronomers with teachers within the community. Click here to learn more about Project ASTRO-BIO

Goals of the Program:

  • To demonstrate that science is fun, exciting, and rewarding, as a process to investigate and explain natural phenomena
  • To demonstrate the importance of mathematics, perspective, and pattern recognition, as scientific tools - and how they affect experimental results.
  • To encourage students' curiosity and interest to imagine, experiment, and understand physical processes.
  • To encourage students to explore, enjoy, and participate in, stargazing and learning about the night sky, and astronomy in general.

The Following Topics Were Presented on the Dates Listed...

1) The International Space Station 24-Oct 2002
Discussion: Space hazards for humans
Demonstration: Gravity experiments and orbits 059cabbd-1aba-40e7-812b-e56fdb6813bb SMS
Activity: Make a model station (pictured at right)
Assignment: Can you see a satellite?

Click here to learn how to make a comet!2) Meteor Showers and Comets 14-Nov 2002

Info on this project at: UC Berkeley - A Comet's Tale
Leonid Meteor Shower & Comets
Demonstration: A comet in the classroom
Activity: Cometary artists
Assignment: See a meteor shower

d815eee2-12fb-4247-b0c7-5480d3e033c0 SMSClick here to learn how to make a Saturn mobile3) The Planet Saturn 19-Dec 2002

Info on this project at:
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Discussion:The Saturn System
Strange world of Titan (movie)
Activity: Build a model Saturn (pictured at right)
Assignment: Can you find Saturn?

4) The Planet Jupiter 23-Jan 2003

The Jupiter System
Demonstration: Slide show and Europa movie
Activity: Imagine life on Europa
Assignment: Can you find Jupiter?

Click here to learn more about the project5) "The Rover has Landed- Part I" 3-Apr 2003

The planet Mars, and what our rover will be doing
Demonstration: MER video
Activity: Teams assemble and rover assembly begins
Assignment: Name the rover

Click here to learn more about the project6) "The Rover has Landed- Part 2" 24-Apr 2003

Landing site considerations
Demonstration: Pathfinder slides
Activity: Look at MOC and Mars Odyssey images &
continue rover assembly, vote on a landing site, and launch the Mars Rover !
Assignment: Tracking the rover

7) "The Rover has Landed- Part 3" 22-May 2003

Discussion: We landed!
Demonstration: Video and data from the rover
Activity: Command rover
Assignment: Short essay on what we saw first

8) "The Rover has Landed- Part 4" 12-Jun 2003
Discussion: What we found on Mars
Demonstration: Video and data from the rover
Activity: Final rover commands
Assignment: Short essay on what we found on Mars