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Eastside Astronomical Society

Vermin of the Sky
by Ron Hobbs

The next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. Monday June 25, at Lake Hills Library at the corner of 156th SE and Lake Hills Boulevard.

Ron Hobbs, a Solar System Ambassador to you for a NASA-JPL Program, will talk about incoming micrometeorites, asteroids, comets and Asteroid Day, which will be held this month. He also will tell us about the mission plans to reach large asteroids.
Asteroids and comets shower Mars with an estimated 192 tons of organics in addition to tons of dust that fall, according to estimates released this week. The current dust storm on Mars has Opportunity stopped in its tracks.

The book drawing will be for Sky Watching by David H. Levy. There will be refreshments.

We have taken July and August off since 1974, so our next regular meeting will be in mid to late September, likely at Lake Hills Library. Meeting date will be announced in September as well as in the newsletter.

Clear skies, and have a good summer!

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Seattle Astronomy Blog:
Greg Scheiderer writes a very informative blog site about local Astronomy events and happenings in the Seattle area. He is also an EAS member. He can almost always be found at the Museum of Flight events and lectures taking notes and asking questions. So be sure to add his blog to your Astronomy reading list. Like most blog sites, you can even set up an RSS feed to keep up on the latest entries.

He also has started a calender on the site, and he'll have a lot of good info about just about everything astronomy related on that. All local clubs, museums, and star parties.

| Seattle Astronomy |
| Astronomy Calender |

Don't forget our blog site! Remember, EAS does have a blog site with a lot of the latest space, astronomy, some aviation, and whatever else looks good to share. President Tom Gwilym writes the blog and usually has a new entry or two every week, depending on what is going on that looks interesting. The blog is very easy to update, so there is more new goodies to read there than on the main EAS site (this one you are looking at) so make sure to check that out now and then or you can even set up an RSS feed when something new is posted.
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