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Eastside Astronomical Society
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Eastside Astronomical Society

Winter Stargazing in the Florida Keys
With Bob Mulford

Our next meeting will be Monday May 20, 7:00pm - Lake Hills Library
Every February, hundreds of amateur astronomers gather at Camp Wesumkee, near Key West, for a week of stargazing at the annual Winter Star Party. EAS member Bob Mulford attended his fifth Winter Star Party this year and will describe the pleasures of visiting the Florida Keys and observing at the southernmost star party in the continental US. The 2020 WSP is scheduled for February 17 through February 23. The weather is gentle, life in the Keys is easygoing, and the southern sky holds many treasures including Centaurus A, Omega Centauri, Eta Carinae, and the Southern Cross that northerners can't see. Come on down.

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Apollo 11 - The Movie
Over the next months there will be a flood of Apollo 11 documentaries, books, t-shirts, toys, and all that kind of stuff in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing so long ago. An exciting year to be an Apollo enthusiast for sure. One of the really exciting movies coming out is releasing on March 8th in most of the big theaters. This looks great!

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Don't forget our blog site! Remember, EAS does have a blog site with a lot of the latest space, astronomy, some aviation, and whatever else looks good to share. President Tom Gwilym writes the blog and usually has a new entry or two every week, depending on what is going on that looks interesting. The blog is very easy to update, so there is more new goodies to read there than on the main EAS site (this one you are looking at) so make sure to check that out now and then or you can even set up an RSS feed when something new is posted.
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