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Where No Camera has Gone Before - Space Art

Our next meeting will be February 25, 7:00pm - Lake Hills Library
Tom Hagar will present part 2 of his earlier talk on Space Art a while back. The Golden Age of sci-fi, fantasy, and space art from the 1970s continuing through the 1980s, 90s up to today. The transition from "analog" art using paint and ink, up to current digital artwork created on computers. Space art is more than just spaceships; also space stations, other-worldly vistas, and places humans and robots will never go (like black holes). Aliens too?

Refreshments will be provided, and our book drawing this month is for "Nightwatch" by Terrance Dickinson.

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January 21st Supermoon Lunar Eclipse
Keep your eyes on the skies on January 20th if clouds allow. This is the night for the "Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Lunar Eclipse". Ok, this is just a strange name for an eclipse that happens during a "supermoon". What is this supermoon thing? It's basically when the moon is at peridgee (closet point to Earth in it's eliptical orbit), it appears about 14% lager and a little brighter, probably not enough to really notice though!
If clear, this lunar eclipse is visible acorss the entire country, so get out and take a look! The moon takes on it's "blood" name at totality when the Earth's shadow completely covers the moon and looks completely red from light passing through the Earth's atmosphere with a sunset effect - causing the pretty red color.

See here for info (One of the many sites with info on this)

Don't forget our blog site! Remember, EAS does have a blog site with a lot of the latest space, astronomy, some aviation, and whatever else looks good to share. President Tom Gwilym writes the blog and usually has a new entry or two every week, depending on what is going on that looks interesting. The blog is very easy to update, so there is more new goodies to read there than on the main EAS site (this one you are looking at) so make sure to check that out now and then or you can even set up an RSS feed when something new is posted.
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